Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trivia Question

 At 55 mph and total weight of 80,000#, how far does a large truck need to travel before it can come to a complete stop? A. the length of a football field B. 2x the length of a football field C. 500 feet D. 250 feet

ANSWER: ***B. Twice the length of a football field*** A big truck cannot stop on a dime, like a little car. In the U.S. trucks usually have ABS brakes. A loaded truck weighting the maximum allowed (80,000lbs) can require twice the length of a football field to stop. The lighter the load, the longer the distance! Rain or slick roads make even more distance necessary. ///NOTE/// Speeds above 55 mph greatly increase stopping distance. Brakes, tires, springs and shocks on heavy vehicles are designed to work best when the vehicle is fully loaded. It takes more time and distance to stop an empty vehicle! (Source: Speed and Space Managment Driver's Handbook, J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.)

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